Walipack: The kangaroo sachet which does not lack refinement

Clarins Fragrance Group has retained Cofatech for the samples to support the launch of Aura by Swarowski. Cofatech has developed and proposed an elegant sachet, truly useful and practical. Walipack, which finds its origin in the Couture world - inspired by the universe of fashion - presents a patch pocket. Thanks to its pocket the classic sachet can be brightened up with the addition of a accessory to make our life easier.

A sachet with style
Real two-in-one, with the Walipack we can propose an item or information without the necessity of mixing with another technique than the sachet. You can as well create duos of identical or complementary products in different sizes.  The imaginary field is very open, from a small spatula to a fragrance mini-spray, from a beauty capsule to a mini-sponge for make-up....

The Walipack minimizes the secondary packaging with an approach combining aesthetic, practicality and avoiding excess waste.

A "hand-sewn" sachet
Behind this extreme refinement, you find a true technique. Walipack is patented for its unique and desirable aspect. 

Several machines have been adapted in order to produce this sachet which requires several production stages. Three laminate foil sheets are put together thermal welding and create three sides of the sachet. The welding not larger than usual: 5 to 6mm can easily be printed. The outside laminated foil, thanks to an inventive slot will create the pocket which differs from the sachet and the constraints linked to the content.

After the first stage of welding, the bulk is injected as well as the content of the pocket. The option of a manual filling is not necessary to add the accessory. The slot enables to slip in an item after the welding and to let it stick out. The pocket adapts itself to its content and personalizes without limit the sachet which then carries a unique look. 

Two products in one for two versions:
N° 1:

  • 1 mini spray filled by Cofatech of 1.2ml of Aura Eau de Parfum
  • 1 Perfumed body cream 5ml


  • 1 mini spray filled by Cofatech of 1.2ml of Aura Eau de Parfum presented in the pocket of the sachet