STO master moulding for premium whisky

The release of Grant’s top range 25 Year Old Scotch whisky has called for an exercise in master moulding from STO Flaconnage. STO is a member of the Stölzle Glass Group, experts in both custom design and standard glass containers for the prestige spirits, perfumery and personal care markets.

"This is an ultra heavyweight bottle produced by our Prestige Spirits and Design", said Johannes Schick, CEO for Stölzle Glass Group. "It takes full advantage of STO Flaconnage’s moulding expertise and our high visual-quality cosmetic white flint glass. The body of the bottle is enhanced with complex embossing requiring the most skilful moulding process. To produce a bottle of this standard is a most satisfying experience."

Embossed on the heavy-based, generously dimensioned bottle is a design of a tree, which represents five generations of the family and the contribution each has made to the world’s oldest family-owned blended Scotch. A top range whisky blend of aged malt and grain whiskies, it is released to the market in numbered batches in limited volumes.