New 32 cavity unscrewing mold system for mascara and lip gloss stem

Pantostamp, specializing in making molds for the packaging industry, has recently produced an unscrewing mold to create a stem for mascara and lip gloss, with bottle security locks made by slides.

Using the latest in cutting edge technology, the mold is unusual both for its molding cycle of under 16 seconds and its unique stystem that allows you to unscrew it with the slides closed on to the threaded cores.

The mold is also equipped with interchangeable components that can stretch, shrink or enlarge the stem including the pins that create the hole for the applicator brush.

The unsrewing system is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, but upon request it can be altered to drive with an electric engine and control unit. By choosing the option of the electric engine, Pantostamp has designed and built a calibration system of the axial and angular position of the thread, which can be adjusted on the machine without removing and disassembling the mold.

The mold has been designed and built for high production and can work in almost total absence of lubricants due to the types of materials and surface coatings used.