Impressive growth of the number of packaging printers and converters producing Cryptoglyph secured packaging worldwide

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its foundation, AlpVision can be proud of the considerable expansion in the number of packaging printers and converters producing currently billions of packaging components which enable prestigious brands worldwide to obtain protection against counterfeiting through the use of AlpVision Cryptoglyph® technology.

AlpVision is a growing force in brand and document protection, as mentioned in a recent company profile published March 2011 (vol 17, No 3, P. 3) by the "Authentication News" newsletter. Founded in June 2001 by three co-founders graduated from the renowned "Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne" Switzerland, AlpVision became profitable two years later and has enjoyed steady growth since. With the recent opening of a North American regional office in Chicago Il, USA, AlpVision is now closer to the numerous US printers producing Cryptoglyph® protected packaging components.

These packaging components comprising carton boxes, aluminum blisters, labels and notices are protected against counterfeiting with the AlpVision Cryptoglyph® digital covert technology. This digital approach stands apart from the traditional covert security solutions in providing invisible marking at much lower cost, resulting from the use of regular visible ink or varnish and standard printing processes (offset, flexography, rotogravure, etc.).

Now used by major brands in various industries (pharma, tobacco, banking, etc.), for protection of products against counterfeiting, AlpVision has deployed its solutions worldwide for multinational firms producing branded items in multiple markets. Consequently, in recent years there has been tremendous growth in the number of printers and converters regularly producing packaging and documents containing the Cryptoglyph® invisible marking, this within an increasing number of countries where these printers are located (see charts).