Dispensing Technologies @ Aerosol & Dispensing Forum 2012

Experts in aerosol technologies have been meeting at Aerosol Forum since 2007 in the firm belief that exchanges between players on different markets – health, cosmetics, food, technical products, packaging – would boost innovation.

These same experts have convinced us that dispensing products like manual pumps, airless distributors and motorised distributors serve the same markets and use the same technologies, occasionally in competition with, but more often as a complement to aerosols, whence the idea of adding them to aerosols and turning Aerosol Forum into Aerosol & Dispensing Forum.

The forum will be held in February, 2012, Paris, France for exchanges conducive to innovations for consumers and cross-fertilisation between the technological advances of all the parties concerned may thus enhance the well-being of consumers and the growth of companies that make these products.