Classic rectangular compacts, by Metalicoplastico

Metalicoplastico, a leading company in Spain in the production and decoration of plastic packaging for cosmetics and personal care, has released a new line of classic style rectangular colour cosmetic compacts which are available in custom colours with the customized decoration options which Metalicoplastico is known for.

The compacts are designed to be handy - literally - fitting easily into the palm of the hand, yet not so small that they get lost when carried in the handbag. Easy to open and close, yet strong and durable, they offer a simple solution to companies looking to market a line of solid make-up products. The compacts protect the contents from escaping their packaging and tainting the lining of a purse or pocket.

Opening up to reveal an interior mirror, make-up powders such as eye shadow, powder or blush, can all be applied easily. Perfect for those on the go, or those who need a quick make-up top up and don't have the hands to be juggling an applicator brush, the compact and a separate mirror.

Two slim sizes are available for eye shadow and blush, as well as a deeper version of one of them where a lower compartment provides storage space for an applicator sponge.

As with all Metalicoplastico products, the compacts can be decorated with a wide variety of customization options, including custom colouring, lacquering, and of course, industry-standard hot stamping and silk screening. Therefore allowing the compacts to be incorporated into an existing style range or with a new offering that needs to stand out from the crowd.