Atwell’s new high speed linerless labelling

Following the launch of Atwells revolutionary linerless Print & Apply applicators for outer case and pallet labelling launched in 2009, Atwell’s have introduced their New High Speed Linerless Application machines.

The new high speed linerless machines offer the ability to handle a roll of pre-printed linerless labels up to 100mm wide and 500 meters long as standard, with the ability to be modified to handle larger sized labels as required.

With label application speeds of up to 150 labels per minute and with the added ability for adding an in-line printer for date, batch & price information as required, the new systems are the perfect choice for anyone considering changing their labelling methods and are interested in reducing their costs and enviromental footprint.

The compact design of the new label heads mean that they can be mounted above, below or to the side of any integrated system or as part of an existing production line / labelling system, which means that in most cases customers with existing self-adhesive labelling systems can take advantage of the new environmentally friendly technology, without having to totally re-invest in complete new labelling lines.

Atwell’s via their label service offer a design and printing solution for both linerless and self-adhesive labels, ensuring that the applicators and labels work perfectly together, to maximise machine efficiencies and reduce downtime.

Both linerless & self-adhesive labels can be supplied either plain or printed up to 10 colours with the ability for printing on the reverse for added product impact.