5th IPA Innovation Award for Canvironment Week from Hindustan Tin Works

The IPA promotes the inherent material and environmental value of steel packaging. There is a need for the market and the consumer to understand the win-win situation for economy and ecology in the use of metal packaging. Innovation in the metal packaging sector can be driven by environmental challenges.

The members of the International Packaging Association (IPA) are aware of this fact and stimulate the innovation process within the group by annually presenting the Innovation Award. The IPA Technical and Marketing Committees constantly discuss this topic and exchange ideas on how to make the tin can more attractive to the consumer. Since 2007 the IPA General Assembly has rewarded its group’s most innovative metal can development with the Innovation Award.

At the latest General Assembly in San Marino, Italy in June 2011 the 5th IPA Innovation Award was presented to Hindustan Tin Works Ltd. from India for the creation of the Canvironment Week, a global eco-friendly initiative to promote the sustainability of metal cans.

Sanjay Bhatia (Managing Director of HTWL): "I sincerely thank IPA for giving whole hearted support to Canvironment Week 2010 by this special recognition. This award strengthens our belief that the movement of Canvironment Week is an initiative in the right direction to promote and position Metal Packaging with the final consumers and also to connect the metal packaging industry with society at large. It is indeed quite encouraging and motivating for all of us in HTW and it also clearly bestows further responsibility on us to excel it further this year."

Canvironment Week is a movement to stimulate metal packaging, its recycling and green character via multiple activities and media with like-minded international partners across the world. With this innovative format, Canvironment Week Hindustan Tin Works has proven its deep commitment to the metal packaging industry and a better greener environment.

Antonio Teixeira commented: "As the newly elected President of the IPA it was a pleasure for me to deliver the IPA Innovation Award 2011 to Hindustan Tin Works for the excellent initiative Canvironment Week. It was the first time that the award was not given to a specific product, but to an event. Sustainability is the key word today, especially for packaging in post-consumer waste streams. Unfortunately, canmakers have so far not been very successful in promoting the exceptional competitive advantages of metal in terms of sustainability. To cite just one aspect, the recycling of metal cans (unlike most other materials) is profitable due to the fact that metals when recycled do not degrade and are in huge demand in the market. It is up to our industry to promote the metal can. Actions like Canvironment Week are welcome and deserving of institutional rewards. Congratulations to HTWL!"